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Open Source

Various software development tools and platforms are available under open source license. Purnima Progressive continuously monitors, uses and recommends open source tools and plat forms to clients to reduce their costs.

Open source software is computer software that is available in source code form: the source code and certain other rights normally reserved for copyright holders are provided under an open-source license that permits users to study, change, improve and at times also to distribute the software. A report by the Standish Group states that adoption of open-source software models has resulted in savings of about $60 billion per year to consumers.

Open source software has also helped build developer loyalty as developers feel empowered and have a sense of ownership of the end product. Moreover less costs of marketing and logistical services are needed for Open source software. It also helps companies to keep abreast of all technology developments. It is a good tool to promote a organization's image, including its commercial products. The Open source software development approach has helped produce reliable, high quality software quickly and inexpensively.

Key Features:

  • Security
  • Affordability
  • Transparency
  • Perpetuity
  • Interoperability
  • Localization
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