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We present a complete e-learning authoring, delivery and client which has been designed after consulting top domain experts and researching many platforms available in the market. 

Our solution is a robust system capable of handling unlimited content and providing simple yet media rich teaching and learning.

The e-Learning solution will be very efficient to help build the core fundamentals of students. It will also work as a teaching assistant, helping teachers to explain a subject to students.

 The system can go upto 4 levels in depth of any topic (Subject, Chapter, Topic and Section). This depth is selected by the author depending upon the complexity of the subject. Simpler lessons can be 1, 2 or 3 levels deep.

The system has the capability to handle an unlimited number
of schools, students and teachers. 

Our e-learning Digital Delivery Platform has been built using latest cutting edge technologies and is constantly being upgraded. It can be used in any device ranging from a mobile phone to a wide screen terminal. The solution is also operating system independent. The content delivery can be in standalone, networked and hosted modes.

The authoring component has a very simple interface and is capable of handling any utf-8 compatible language. The client can display text, audio, video, documents and animations with almost no dependencies.

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